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Science matters

"The good thing about SCIENCE is that it's true whether or not you believe in it". Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Here our students making science, learning about color and textures of soils in three different places like Monteverde, Santa Rosa and important are soils and in which way do they determine the ecosystems diversity? IMG_7150

-Kat,Melisa, Grace and Emma O working on their soil samples.


Who said science is not fun? Thumb_IMG_2634_1024

-Patrick, Colleen and Emily playing with dirt and doing science at the same time! IMG_7154

-Jeff... really excited about data collection..that's the spirit! Thumb_IMG_2631_1024

-"Come on Deb! get your hands on the dirt!" We think she's not convinced about it, Emma and Grace enjoying their time with soils!

Did you know that our program offer two fieldtrips? this guys are ready to show you the CIEE experience

Expect to see more animals, forest, waterfalls, corals coming!! until next time:)


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