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This blog serves all CIEE Monteverde programs:  Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Summer Tropical Ecology and Conservation, and CIEE's program on Sustainability and the Environment.

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Enjoy.  These blogs are designed to showcase how we learn and what you will do as a CIEE student in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  The CIEE Difference is clear:  we learn by doing and in amazing places. Join us!


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Hello Dr. Masters!

I was a student at the University of California study abroad program there in Monteverde back in the fall of 1993, and I was just looking through my photos and found your name and photo. It's amazing that you're still there!

How are the twins doing? They were very small when I was there, maybe 2-3 or so? It's been a long time, so they might have been a little older. They'd be all grown up by now, of course.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you're doing well and the place I spent 3 great months is still going strong.

Great articles,please keep posting.I love the information.

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